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Instructors. DanGeoghegan2

Dan Geoghegan

Dan Geoghegan is a 4 stripe BJJ Brown Belt under Andy Roberts, Head Instructor at Maven BJJ and a personal trainer. Dan has trained with Andy since January 2009. Through Andy’s academy, Dan has trained with many of the greats in the sport including Mauricio Gomes, Braulio Estima, Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro and Roger Gracie. Dan also trained in Brazil, the home of the Art twice and plans to train in Brazil again.

Dan has competed in BJJ competitions at every belt level, gaining Bronze at the Hereford Open at White Belt in 2010, Silver at the English Open at Blue Belt in 2011 and winning Gold at TUFF Championships at Purple Belt Level as well as taking Bronze at Grapplers Showdown in a No Gi competition in June 2013 and Gold at Grapplers Showdown No Gi in February 2014, Gold at Southend Open, Bronze at Kleos Grappling and Bronze at the British Open as well.

Dan has recently returned to competing (at Brown Belt) and took Silver in the Absolute (all weight) division of the Premier BJJ Open in February 2016 and Silver at middleweight in the prestigious British Open in May 2016 and Gold at the Surrey Open in July 2016. Dan has tremendous passion for BJJ and this will come through in his teaching of the Art.

Instructors. AndrewLane3

Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane is a 4 stripe BJJ Blue Belt under Dan Geoghegan and a regular competitor on the UK BJJ competition circuit. Andrew teaches the Sunday morning beginner's class at Maven BJJ. Andrew has trained under Dan since the beginning of 2014 after moving from the Sydney Silva Academy at Exeter Martial Arts, where he trained for 3 years in BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai. Andrew has been involved in Martial Arts all of his life, starting with Aikedo from the age of 5 and dabbling in Boxing and Judo during his time training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Andrew has competed throughout his white belt period and achieved gold at the Elite Submission Grappling Tournament in Exeter, Silver at the Bournemouth open and Bronze at the Brighton open. Andrew has also competed at the Bournemouth BJJ247 comp at Blue Belt and took gold late in 2015 and has also won Bronze in the DSD event held in June 2016 . Andrew also came second in the UK MMA League in 2013. He has a passion for Martial Arts and is enraptured by the Brazilian arts of Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) the
former becoming the focus of his passion. He has trained in both arts in Brazil.

Instructors. DeanomyteL1

Dean Lawrence

Dean Lawrence is a 4 stripe blue belt studying under Dan Geoghegan and teaches the Tuesday night (9pm) beginners class. Dean discovered martial arts in 2010 with kickboxing but after watching MMA for the first time and seeing George St-Pierre vs Dan Hardy, the interest with the ground game started.

Since 2011, Dean has completed multiple times in BJJ both gi and no-gi as well as amateur MMA tournaments. These include tournaments such as Grapplers Showdown, TUFF grappling challenge, The Hereford Open, and M.A.A.S.I.F British Open and has a collection of medals from bronze to gold.

Dean's passion for BJJ comes from its complexity. Every roll can teach you something new and amazing while the mental and physical challenge leaves you with a great sense of achievement. After many years that passion is still unchanged.

Instructors. AndyRobertsPic4

Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts is a black belt under Roger Gracie and Dan Geoghegan's Instructor. He is the head instructor and owner of Andy Roberts BJJ in Farnborough where he teaches full time. He has trained in the Martial arts since the age of 8. Starting with Judo as a child and then moving on to Japanese Jiu Jitsu where he achieved his 2nd Dan Black Belt and taught professionally for over 5 years.

Andy has trained with many famous names in the sport including Helio Gracie, Carlos Gracie Jnr, Royce Gracie, Felipe Souza, Marcio Feitosa, Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro, Braulio Estima, Jude Samuel, Saulo Ribeiro, Rigan Machado.

Andy won 2010 British Open Competition at Brown Belt and other successes include placing 2nd, 2nd at the ADCC Spanish Open, 2nd at Gracie Invitational BJJ 2007 and 1st at the Bristol Open. Andy’s most recent successes on the mat are silver at the 2011 Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu Jitsu Trials and silver at the IBJJF London International Open.

He is also a Judge for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

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