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Membership & Timetable Details

Also, every Wednesday as part of your BJJ membership you have the option to train Karate for free from 8 to 9pm. BJJ will then follow the Karate from 9 to 10pm.

Membership Costs: £10 PAYG or £50 Per Month DD Inclusive Membership

Beginner classes will have more basic techniques than the All Levels classes however if you are a beginner and unable to to make the beginner classes then come along to the All Levels classes...the only difference will be it may take a little longer for certain techniques to make more sense and 'click' in your head.

Likewise if you have more experience but cannot make the All Levels class then come along to the Beginner classes as fundamentals are the most important aspect of jiu jitsu and you often pick up pointers you missed before.

No-gi is a class where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu takes place in shorts and tee-shirt/rash guard instead of the Gi. It adds different twists and elements to BJJ. Again all students are welcomed to attend this class.

Finally, improvement at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu comes from a number of factors, two key ones being: time training on the mat and quality jiu jitsu instruction. The more sessions you can fit in, the quicker the improvement. It is recommended that you train when you can.

Naturally those training 4 or 5 times per week will improve faster than those who are able to train only once or twice. Remember each person is on their own personal journey.

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